• Less cup slip
  • Better milk quality
  • Better animal health
  • Softer milking action
  • Improved teat end health
  • Reduced somatic cell counts
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  • Pulsation is affected
    by the volume of air to be removed in/out of pulsation chambers/ pulsation tubing cavity between the shell and liner. Minimising that air volume gives greater control and also allows for more “crisp” pulsation, i.e. shorter A & C and longer B & D phases.
  • The changes in the pulsation
    phases resulting from using SurePulseTM inserts produced statistically significant differences in teat end condition after six weeks milking in a scientifically-based trial set up using round and triangular liners in a commercial dairy herd in Western Victoria, Australia.
  • Modern-type straight-sided
    cylindrical teat cup shells assist dairy farmers to select a fitting range of teat liners for changing/ growing herds and changing/variable teat sizes, without the need to change to different shells.
  • SurePulse inserts
    reduce the air volume in cylindrical shells, equivalent typically to two meters of long pulsation tube.
  • Changing liners
    improve teat condition (see Changing Shed Rubber). Fresh liners have correct tension and apply the correct amount of compressive load.
  • Sure PulseTM inserts are
    a simple, practical and cost-effective way to improve pulsation for better teat condition, milk quality and less mastitis incidents resulting from better teat ends, without the need to reposition pulsators.
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