About SurePulse

SurePulse is leading the way with animal health and comfort in the milking shed with it's innovative and unique insert for milking shells. The benefits in animal health translate into direct savings with lower SCC levels, faster milking and higher productivity.

Developed in New Zealand for the New Zealand dairy farmer, SurePulse is now available globally. Proven results in the shed have shown SurePulse to live up to it's promise.

Our Team

The team at SurePulse is dedicated to working with you to achieve the maximum results from your SurePulse installation. All sales staff have dairy farm experience so they know what the farmer requires.

We also have technical advisers with machine testing qualifications giving you peace of mind that a holistic approach is being taken.

Our location

Domiciled in the Waikato - heart of farming country, SurePulse has representatives throughout New Zealand. Our offices and showroom are in Otorohanga which has proven a central location to service the dairy industry from.

SurePulse sales representatives throughout NZ are there to provide on farm consultation for your dairy operation. If you would like to see someone please call us today.