SurePulse Inserts

SurePulse inserts remove air from the pulsation chamber. The special shape of the inserts is designed for vacuum conditions, allowing free ventilation of air in the pulsation chamber, while removing excess air from the cavity space. The direction of the liner collapse is controlled at the base of the insert. The excess air cavity is reduced by approximately 40%. Tests show the resting phase can be increased by as much as 35% in normal working conditions and at the same time the milking phase remains at optimal levels.

Installing four SurePulse inserts is equivalent to moving the pulsator 2m closer to the cluster, improving pulsation and milking. SurePulse inserts displace and remove air to be moved in pulsation making for better pulsation and better milking.

SurePulse Inserts - improving the rest phase and reducing ballooning.

Ballooning Explained : The liner in a static state is as you see it unfitted. The liner in a fitted state is stretched. BUT in the dynamic action of milking the liner collapses and opens and balloons and in that open stage the teat also increases in size under the force of the vacuum.

The SurePulse insert physically stops the liner ballooning so the milking occurs without extra lateral forces. By adding the insert we physically stop the liner ballooning and therefore stop the teat ballooning in the path of the liner.


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