Changing Your Liners

Why to change every 2500

As liners age, their shape, tension and surface condition changes gradually. The liners stretch and several key features of their milking performance alter. In particular:

- the average milking time per cow increases
- the frequency of liner slips increases
- the amount of milk left in the quarters of an udder when cups are removed increases
- the teat-end condition worsens

The reason for this reduction in performance is falling liner to teat and contact pressure on the teat end (or a reduced effective compressive load applied by the liner to the teat end).

Compressive load applied to cow's teats can vary from 3kPa to 20kPa. Compressive loads less than about 8kPa appear to be too low to relieve teat congestion.

Practical Applications

- Using liners for more than 2500 milkings puts the effectiveness of your SurePulse milking system at risk
- Changing liners as a prevention is always cost effective after 2000 milkings
- Liners can last up to 6000 milkings but they will not bring optimal results and in fact are the reason for the onset of teat damage, due to congestion at the teat end, as effective compressive load falls off.

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