SurePulse and Mastitis

Mastitis is something known to every farmer. Even the best farmers will experience mastitis in their herds.

Why do cows get mastitis?

Mastitis comes from an infection in the cow's udder. That infection path is through the cow’s teat end opening and up the canal. Cows have natural defence mechanisms against this invasion. The muscle in teat end opening, the sphincter muscle, closes the teat end when the cow is not being milked. This is the cows first line of defence against infection. The second line of defence is the lining of the teat canal.
Both of these defence mechanisms become compromised when milking a cow with conventional mechanical milking systems. When the canal is not properly relieved of the milking vacuum swelling is caused. Typically this is evident from damage to the teat ends and the incidence of slow milking quarters. Because the teat is constantly being sucked without sufficient duration of the rest phase the teat canal gets destroyed. Scar tissue is formed and that further blocks the flow of milk and also damages the canal lining. The scar tissue blockage and the pain and irritation from the poor rest phase prevent the proper removal of the milk. This reduces milk production and creates uneven udders and mastitis. The milk remaining enables the bacteria to thrive and cause mastitis.

Mastitis causes not only somatic cell count problems but also breeding problems and other health issues.
Poor milk performance and mastitis are typical problems in nearly every farm using a conventional milking machine. Poor production, breeding problems, slow milking and mastitis are all related and caused by the inadequate performance of a standard milking system.


Not all farms have a high somatic cell count which can usually be correlated to a high cull rate that leaves the farm milking mostly first and second calf heifers. This is a high cost to the farmer.

Treatment of mastitis is often in the form of antibiotics or culling. Both have a direct impact on a farmers profitability.

The SurePulse system focuses on the milking process - it changes the way teat-cup liners work. SurePulse enhances pulsation in a very simple and very reliable way. With SurePulse we have the 'tools' within our system to solve the decades old problem of milking machine damage to cows teats.

With the correct application the SurePulse system will give excellent results, including;
- More settled cows
- Improved udder health
- Significant cost savings with reliable milk quality
- Peace of mind

SurePulse is a preventative solution which is now proven across a large cross-section of farms. The initial statistical rate of reliability was 99.8% and as time goes on the resulting benefits increase this figure.

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